Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lights, Music & Dance!

Big Momma's Ballroom had its season opening yesterday. The beautiful place is owned and operated by my friends BM Oh and Kahvy Sands.

The venue was filled with dance enthusiasts who had sorely missed this entertainment since the venue closed at the beginning of summer. As an added treat we had live entertainment provided by the awesome singer Chi (Inchino Melson). 

A picture says more than a thousand words, so let me tell you about the rest of the wonderful evening in pictures!

Kahvy gets dipped by his partner Thomas
My old friend  the gorgeous and daring May Llewellyn with partner Valter
BM and her lover /dance partner handsome Chad
My regular partner Jayde has found an amazingly stunning
and charming new dance partner  by the name of JB Goode
JB, Jayde, BM and Chad
I found a charming new dance partner and friend in the sweet, but naughty, Eeva Rasmuson from Finland
Oh I almost forgot the best picture captured of me yesterday by the paparazzi Kahvy himself..
BM and I go at it early in the evening
Photography by Kahvy Sands


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Valter! ;)

      Please send my regards to - your beautiful partner and my dear friend - the always gorgeous May ;)

  2. Wow thank you Bock for your always amazing comments.. you know how to make it come alive in words.. it' a gift

  3. Really great pictures of us :) Thank you from the dances!!! I had super fun but I do wonder that comment about being naughty *whistles innocently*


    1. I am trying to remember where I got that from... *blushes*

  4. Those are awesome pictures and even better words :) Love you my dear friend!

    Btw, mind if we 'steal' your pictures to add to the Facebook Album? Credits and all, naturally

    1. Why of course, Kahvy, use any pictures you wish, I would be honored!

  5. Jayde and I had an amazing evening with you all. Our first bight out after the roller coaster climb,, a special evening with even more fabulous people,, from JB and Jayde

    1. Thanks JB, it was a pleasure to meet you too, even if you stole my dance partners heart ;)


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