Saturday, September 21, 2013

Before Spinners Drag Party

I and Butch had been preparing for this event for two days, while Guyke was away in first life and taking it easy because he already had everything he needed in his massive Inventory. It was no wonder the two of us were a bit exhausted and put our feet up a little before the party as we had been running around in our high heels for several hours.
Bocquerelle reclining and Butchette resting
Butchette takes the weight off her heels
Guykita arrives, all refreshed and ready to party
I will post more pictures from the actual party tomorrow and will then also tell you everything about who was there and who won the "Best in Drag" contest.

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  1. Guyke if you need a neckmassage today after wearing that big heavy flowerthing on your head. Just send me a tp. *smiles cute* :D


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