Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eddi Haskell Is A Meanie

According to that rascal Eddi Haskell, previously my dear friend and mentor in blogging, this is how I was looking today when I visited Stockholm - in disguise - to greet President Barack Obama despite having a case of "political flu".

He tried to butter me up by telling me "You are much prettier than Princess Madeleine btw lol!". Eddi's flattery was of course not sincere so it did not help alleviate my enormous pain by being ridiculed in this fashion. (*joke*)

Eddi Haskell hereby wins the trophy as "The Meanest Man in The Western Hemisphere", it would have been the whole world but Vladimir "Little Father" Putin, President of Russia, saved him from that disgrace by snatching the title as "The Meanest Man in The Eastern Hemisphere".


  1. Oh Bock lets face it. You ARE prettier than Princess Madeleine! She would kill for eyelashes like yours!

  2. He makes a very pretty peasant woman. The beard stubble reminds me of my old Swedish Grandma.


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