Saturday, September 7, 2013

Essential Tools for SecondLife Residents

Last week I visited the Xcite store for the first time in ages. For safety I brought along my regular entourage, Guyke and Butch, those two can scare away any potential suitor.

Let me divert a little to give you an example from yesterday evening. The three of us were in a completely different store inworld checking to see if there was anything new. A woman came up to us and made unwanted advances towards Guyke and myself, I think she avoided Butch because he is so obviously a hardass and a screaming faggot (in his sublime and humble way). Well, I just simply tried to ignore the woman but Guyke wouldn't have any of that so he shouts out in local: "OK bitch, next time you walk into me I will need to kill you!", which made the woman turn her attention to other potential shoppers instead.

Back to the visit to the Xcite store. When we were looking around there, I saw these two invaluable tools/services for inworld dating and/or cruising.

First of all a "Virgin Restoration Service"

And then a "Virginity Detector"

I tried it out on myself and three of my friends. The results for myself and Butch were quite unexpected, as I was informed that the two of us are in fact virgins. For Dej and Guyke the detector almost burst into flames as it informed me: "Hell no, no way and no how are these guys virgins!" (Well, it really only said that they were NOT virgins but I chose to embellish a little.)

Xcite's webpage


  1. Apmel is the only bona fide virgin in SL.

    1. I will withhold all judgement on that statement until you have let me check your virginity-status, Apmelito!

      By the way, I hope you are aware of that with the virginity detector I get access to a website with the names of all those that have restored their virginity though Xcite's services?


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