Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Am Leaving Facebook - Again (Updated)

This is just to inform you all that I have decided to drop out of Facebook again. It will most likely happen during the coming weekend.

If I remember correctly from the last time I left, my account will remain on Facebook for two weeks after I have deactivated it  before it is removed.

I rejoined Facebook as a favor to my friend NE0 Timeless and stayed on much longer than I had originally intended, but now I am completely fed up with being easily accessible for certain people there even though I love most of you.

The thing I will miss the most is probably "poking".


OK after posting this I have received a lot of feedback from friends and people I did not know before. Three things have been said that have made me reconsider my decision to leave Facebook.

  1. "If you leave, they win"
  2. "Noli illegitimi carborundum" (Mock-Latin for "Don't let the bastards wear you down") and
  3. "Block them, its easy".

I am now thinking about it and will let you know as soon as I am done.


  1. I leave facebook all the time. Think it is 5 times. They are happy when you start your account again. Sometimes you just need a break.

  2. Buddy you should stay, just because we are the SL warriors that are needed in order for the survival of Second Life, and because by being there we can sometimes recruit some fresh new to SL :) Hugs

    1. Hugs NE0, as I have said many times before I am not leaving SecondLife until they pull the plug at Linden Lab.

      At the moment, however, I do not feel like an asset in the effort to gain new residents to our wonderful virtual world - on Facebook or anywhere else. Let me think about it again, as I say in the update, and we will see what comes of it.

      Hugs buddy! :)

  3. Diana gets her lawyer on (puts on grey flannel suit, cream blouse, 4" pumps and her best pearls -throws in fangs). - Mumbles at Bock, ....don't make me do this again, my feet are killing me :) - The reason I never joined FB is because you warned me off it. That is some of the best advice I ever got! :)

    Will always love you tho :)

    1. Ooooooooooo scary Mrs Gilderoy (for anyone who doesn't know what a cute little kitten you really are deep down - like Hunter and I).

      However, I do not think you will need to don the 4" pumps and the fangs because I was merely tired of some relentless people. One jerk called me a "moron", which I deleted of course, but otherwise it was mostly civil even if it was tiresome.


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