Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Second Pride Renewed

We have had a couple of truly devastating months in those parts of the gay community in SecondLife that are affiliated to the Second Pride group.
The ugly election campaign and its even uglier aftermath, with the - hopefully - final manifestation when the two resigning directors removed all the landscaping and buildings on the Second Pride sim, leaving the nonprofit organizations and Second Pride itself in effect homeless. The sim was left almost completely barren and desolate, thus mirroring our pride that had been shattered by the internal strife. I couldn't even bring myself to visit the Second Pride sim when I got the news that the main building had also been removed, I knew it would be an ugly sight.

At the last board meeting Jak Calcutt was appointed as interim Build Director to see to it that the sim was ready for a few upcoming events. His workload was of course increased many times when the main building was removed the day after his appointment.

After hearing that Jak had started his work, with help from others when required, I decided to make a visit to the sim today.
I was extremely happy by what I saw. There was a beautiful new main building in place and I could see that work was still being done. While I was there I was lucky enough to be joined by the builder himself. Jak explained to me that due to the urgency a readymade building had been acquired and he was now modifying it for the needs of Second Pride and the nonprofits to see to it that all had roofs over their heads as soon as possible. Additional buildings would come later and in less haste.

I did not know Jak earlier, but while I was listening to him tell me what he was doing and was going to do I felt optimism growing within me again. Much has been lost and destroyed, but we can work on together, regroup and rebuild and start looking towards the future with hope again.
Second Pride will rise again from the shameful depths to which it has been dragged and we will be able to focus on what is important for us and on our goals again. With such pleasant, dedicated and hardworking members as Jak, and many others like him, we simply cannot fail.

I am very proud that I got a new friend today and that my pride is renewed.


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