Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 80's@"Q"-Lounge

I crashed in at my buddy Butch Diavolo's place yesterday and found that my late husbands son Guyke Lundquist was already there.

They were dressed weirdly and were both fiddling around frantically in their Inventories and with their outfits. When I asked them what their plans for the evening were the two told me that "We're going to a 80's party at "Q" Lounge with DJ Arcy."

"Ah I hope you both have a delightful evening!", I said in my usual charming manner, trying desperately to cover up my hurt feelings for not having been invited to join. "What?", they said, "Why aren't you coming?" at which point I was forced to inform them both that it was simply out of the question for SecondLife royalty, like myself, to intrude on a party of the common residents without a formal invitation of some kind.

Totally out of the blue and completely unexpected I got the most charming invitation in Instant Message (IM) from Amanda Allen, proprietor of The "Q" Lounge: "We are very pleased to send Bock McMillan, Laird of Southern Charm etc., etc., the exclusive invitation for the 80's party here @ 'Q' Lounge. We're looking forward to your company."

To which I promptly responded: "Oh thank you so much, what a delightful surprise! I am extremely honored and will do my best to be there in appropriate attire - if I can find something suitable..."

I had less than 90 minutes to prepare for this occasion, so I immediately threw myself into my Inventory in search of a suitable outfit. "Black", they told me, "get something black! Black was the color of the 80's!".

After rummaging about for a while, I found some stuff that was halfway decent and my beautiful black pashmina shawl from Zaara's. I also found a slouchy Fedora that the two said reminded them of Boy George, which was astonishing news to me, because in my faint recollection of him he always wore a scarf around his filthy dreadlocks. I adamantly refused to put on makeup!

Well, just about 11 minutes before the party I was in an outfit that I could accept and the other two could live with, even if there was still some disagreement between them when it came to my boots. I settled the dispute between them by telling them that, "With a face and body like mine no one ever looks at my footwear."

With that settled, we rested a little to refresh ourselves before going to the party.
Now its time for less talk and more pictures, so here we go!
The always fetching Spanki Moulliez
Amanda Allen & Arcangelo "DJ Arcy" Hellman
My two fashion advisors, Guyke Lundquist and Butch Diavolo
Spanki with friend
Picture of Ms X removed at her request
Fredy & Karin Brune, the sexiest couple of the evening. Karin seems to be a bit
shy of the camera because in just about every picture I took of the two - and I took
very many - she is turning away from the camera
Picture of Ms X removed at her request
The man, the myth, the legend - Ziggy Starsmith decided to join us close to the end
Ume A-something that I cannot remember
Ziggy with "Salad Fingers"
 So to sum up, I had a great time at the party although much of the music sounded very weird to me accept a detestable ABBA song and dear old Madge singing "Like A Virgin". When I told Butch this he went into a rant about how amazing an artist I had never ever heard before really was and how she had influenced the music of all the coming millennia with her "storytelling" songs. So sorry...


  1. Ooooh Bock I love the pictures. Do I have permission to use the pics you took here of me in my profile? I will credit the photography to you of coarse.
    It was wonderful to see my friends again after a gruelling rl week.

  2. I noticed that Bock's "hair"-covering continues. Now with a hat!

    1. Pffft Apmelito, there will be a fresh set of pictures without me covering my "bald spots" any more ;P


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