Monday, September 23, 2013

The Second Pride Rebuilding Project

After the Second Pride board meeting yesterday, which was calm and uneventful, those present were invited to a tour around the building site by the interim Build Director Jak Calcutt and his handyman Karl Kalchek, the Community Relations Director.
Thanking the genius while his husband jealously looks on
I was so impressed by what I saw on the tour that I later insisted on taking Butch and Dej back with me to take another look. (Do not expect any revealing pictures of the amazing buildings in this post because I have promised myself not to do that until the project is closer to being accomplished.)

Although I fully sympathize with and understand Karl's difficult position as overseer, source of inspiration and menial handyman to the brilliant builder during this harrowing process (as I had much the same role during the recent rebuilding of my own palatial mansion) I cannot help but falling in love a little with the brilliant and truly humble genius of Jak. 

Everything he does is extremely well thought through and inspired to be an even more beautiful and more functional new home for Second Pride itself and the non-profit organizations that are also housed there. I am so looking forward to seeing and showing you the result when the time comes.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Jak and Karl again for their patience and for taking me, Dej and Butch on a new tour so soon after the first one.


  1. Pride is not a place. Don't get tied up by the trappings and illusions of power. Nobody in Second Life needs an office or an office building. The few people who are even aware of the existence of Second Pride consider it to be cliquish mess of childish personality conflicts. Starting over is going to have to involve a little more than a new building.

    1. I hate your snarky comment, but am allowing it anyway, although I usually don't allow bitchy anonymous comments.

      Nowhere have I ever said or implied that pride is a place, nor did I ever say or imply that pride is just about a new building.

      The few people you may know who think they know Second Pride should at some point try and get involved instead of judging from a distance. They may even find that they grow less bitter and more satisfied with themselves and others by helping in creating the Pride they - and most of the rest of us - wish to see.


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