Thursday, September 19, 2013

The World According to "Bock in SecondLife"

This is, according to Google Analytics today, the demographics of the visitors to "Bock in SecondLife".

There are still quite a few completely white patches that need to be filled, such as Mongolia, Greenland, Iran and some of its neighboring countries and most of Africa of course.

The tally of which countries my visitors come from (All time)
  1. United States 109,003
  2. Sweden 89,150
  3. Russia 16,511
  4. Germany 15,357
  5. United Kingdom 14,191
  6. Canada 10,723 (half of which are thanks to Ziggy Starsmith)
  7. France 8,994
  8. Netherlands 8,168
  9. Egypt 5,722
  10. Belgium 3,226 (all of which, I am sure, are thanks to Guyke Lundquist)

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