Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back Again

Blogging is really strange, at least for me. When I am in the habit I keep on getting inspired to do new posts and can easily write 3-5 times a day, but if I have not posted in a couple of days I just get stressed out and go completely blank.
This is a pointless post with a beautiful picture just to get warmed up. The picture was posted on Facebook, at this time I cannot remember by whom.

My visit to Poland went well and I returned home late Sunday evening. Krakow is a beautiful old city with beautiful men but with horrendous, really awful, food. The traditional Roman Catholic homophobia and antisemitism still flourishes, but - as I was informed by a resident - the citizens of Krakow "are a bit more polite about it".

I am happy to be back home again, sleeping in my own bed and with complete access to both my lives again. I have missed you all, but some of you more than the others.


  1. Welcome back. We did some awful awful things while you were away!

  2. Welcome home! You have been missed <3

  3. Welcome home, Bock.
    picture is from:

  4. Welcome back, Bock! :)


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