Sunday, October 6, 2013

Forget Yesterday

Some days are just crappy, whatever one does or tries everything just turns out wrong or goes sour. Yesterday I was in a peculiar mood. Not tired, angry or sad or anything seriously bad, just edgy, restless and oversensitive. A remark here or there would just get me me in a foul state.

I avoided Butch all evening because he pissed me off with a remark he made early on - or perhaps didn't make. All the while I was ashamed for doing so because he had every right saying what he did or didn't say.

Another guy made a remark about me at The Grenouille Inn on the Yadkin sim, something to the effect that "Now Bock is going to do his usual faggoty thing", which for some reason totally set me off. So much so that if he had been in the same room I would probably have kicked him in the balls, instead I thought what the hell and put on my red Prestige boots from Bax while dancing on a bar counter for his benefit, forgetting that there are always cameras in SecondLife. When I later saw that Helene had posted pictures of me in my Prestige boots on Facebook, that pissed me off too...

Today I am laughing at it all and wondering to myself what was going on. I'm leaving that behind and will tell you instead what was good about yesterday, although I sadly didn't take any pictures.

The good things yesterday included, but were in no way limited to,
  • A concert by the Swedish band KAOS that made its debut is SecondLife. It was a totally WOW-ing experience and I am looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. (For more information about them, videos etc. please visit their website KAOS). 
  • Having a long talk with Dej and sensing that we could get along fine despite the fact that we were both in a crabby mood. 
  • Visiting Romanum during their ongoing Wine Festival and finding a place to purchase new togas.
  • Re-friending Loch Wolfhunter, he has been away for awhile and had been culled from my friends list as one of those lost to first life. Fortunately he was a good sport and did not hold my culling against me.
  • Visiting the ongoing Boystown Pride.
  • Installing my new Dennis-dances from HUMANOID in my dance-HUD and loving them.
As Nina Simone sings "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me... and I'm feeling good!"


  1. Replies
    1. No please, Helene, no need for you to feel sorry at all! I just had a lousy attitude yesterday ;)

  2. Sorry Buddy, happy you enjoyed the great kaos music, i have sent some pokes on fb

  3. Hugs my fantastic Swedish friend xoxoxoxoxoxo


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