Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Great Sunday

Tomais and I started off with a little cuddling, once Tomais had figured out how my bed worked and could show me...
The we went ahead and tinted my mesh-feet, Tomais achieved in five-ten minutes what I hadn't been able to do in three hours. I have now decided that if tinting is that easy I am also going to get mesh hands and ears. Tomais then went on to show me why it is so handy and how easy it is to create outfits in folders.

When we couldn't get into the Shoetopia fair, we decided to take a look at Tomais hangar, where the Ashdene Aviation Co keeps its fleet of airplanes and helicopters.
That made me really excited to go on my first air trip in SecondLife. Tomais is an excellent pilot and I felt very safe.
After a while weekend-SL acted up and we had to log off to be able to get into another plane, an amphibian airplane this time, which took us to Guyke's and Ziggy's parcel Paradijs and their home Villa Kakelbont.
We talked a while with Guyke and Dex, Guyke's and Ziggy's, sexy Greek neighbour, before Dex had to go to bed and Tomais had to seek cover because there was a tornado, with winds up to 70 mph, closing in on his first life home.
I suffered the twins, Ace and Max, before Guyke finally decided to put the little brats to bed. As I understand it having babies in SecondLife is much like the Zion chicken scam and all the other breedable animals. You have to pay loads of money every week to feed them and buy toys to keep them happy and contented.
Now, that wasn't even half of it, just the short version.

I also had a good and long conversation with the master builder of Second Pride the extremely huggable Jak Calcutt, who was busy getting the Second Pride sim ready for the Christmas parties and balls. His little helper Karl Karlchek also got a word in sideways when we allowed him...

Not to forget, I received a royal invitation to visit with the Queen of Netherlands etc., etc., etc. BM Oh (her majesty actually has more titles than I have given myself, but I will soon remedy that) together with my stunning new man. The queen is really eager to meet Tomais.

Please keep Tomais, his family and neighbours in your thoughts and wish them safety as tornadoes wreak havoc in the Midwest.

UPDATE 4:21PM: All is well with Tomais, his family and closest neighbours. The tornado passed within five miles of them and created a lot of damage but no reports of worse stuff, not yet.

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