Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Rose Causes Confusion

(Name withheld)™: Hey, hey :) Did you look around your house today or yesterday? I think someone left something for you
Bock McMillan: LOL no
(Name withheld)™: Not me, but someone else…
Bock McMillan: I just came on shortly yesterday and today I came straight here. Someone left something?
(Name withheld)™: OK. go look at your bedroom when you have a chance, just a hint
Bock McMillan: Do I need to go home and see at once? And WTF were you doing in my bedroom?
(Name withheld)™: Uhmm maybe you should go see before he logs on at least
Bock McMillan: LOL OK
(Name withheld)™: I wasn't in your bedroom, he told me. And knowing you, I knew you wouldn't notice lol

I teleport home to check what’s going on.and this is what I find in my bedroom.
Bock McMillan: Awwwwwww
(Name withheld)™: Isn't that like super sweet
Bock McMillan: It is ;)
(Name withheld)™: I almost cried when he told me... I'm a softy lol
Bock McMillan: Sweet
(Name withheld)™: Are you touched? You should hear how he talks about you. He's really smitten mate!
Bock McMillan (after a long silence): It’s unbelievable but… I think I found a second good man
(Name withheld)™: Huh? Are you kidding me?
Bock McMillan: Kidding you?

(Name withheld)™ proceeds to copy and pastes in the last sentences I have uttered

Bock McMillan: Yeah, I know what I said, where is the joke?
(Name withheld)™: OK, you are confusing me
Bock McMillan: In what way
(Name withheld)™: Well, what do you mean?
Bock McMillan: I found a second good man, what’s confusing about it?
(Name withheld)™: Explain! ... Oh, you mean after dad?
Bock McMillan: LOL duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(Name withheld)™: O.M.G, I thought you found another guy besides Tomais. Grrrr!
Bock McMillan: O.M.G! Are you crazy?
(Name withheld)™: Told you I was confused

(Name withheld)™ was nearly going to strangle you

Bock McMillan: I may use this on the blog
(Name withheld)™: Don't you dare! lol
Bock McMillan: I will actually, but I will replace your name with (Name withheld)
(Name withheld)™: Hahaha it's fine! But all kidding aside I was really shocked!
The thoughtful and sweet rose giver is rewarded
My son and heir is my oldest remaining friend in SecondLife. I have known and - mostly - loved him since 2007. We have had wonderful times, good times, bad times and horrible times together, but whenever something like this happens I am made aware of how much I do love him.


  1. That IS the sweetest thing ever! Nobody more deserving then you my friend, nobody! And X is a goof X-) Or should I say, Name Withheld ? :P

    1. (Name withheld)™ is actually the cleverest, sweetest, most considerate and charming son - even if he sometimes misinterprets me, but I blame it on the generation gap ;)


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