Monday, November 4, 2013

No Quorum - Again

I and many other members attended the announced Second Pride Board meeting yesterday at 11AM SLT. Due to the absence of too many elected board members no quorum could be reached and the board meeting had to be rescheduled for November 6, 2013, at 7PM SLT.
4 of 9 directors are present, no quorum is reached in the meeting hall decorated for Halloween.
The directors are seated in front of the skeletons of their predecessors. 
This was the second time in a row that a meeting had to be cancelled because of lack of quorum. which is all the more regrettable as there are some important matters to be reviewed and decided on by the board. First of all there is a presentation of the audit report of last quarters treasurer report, then there is also the assignment of a committee to review the bylaws of Second Pride and, finally, a long overdue decision needs to be taken on the problem of the missing Marketing Director.

As you all may remember Tylo Mabellon was elected to the post of Marketing Director in the elections. However, as I understand it, Tylo has not been seen or heard from since the new board was installed, which means that he has missed many meetings without any notification to the board. 

The fact that Tylo is permanently missing is one of the reasons that it is difficult to get a quorum of the board, as the bylaws require that at least half of the elected members plus one are present to achieve quorum. Another reason is that so few of the directors have chosen to appoint a co-director, who can stand in for the director when he/she cannot attend, or made use of the possibility to appoint a substitute in their place when they cannot be present. A third reason is that some directors simply stay away without giving any reason for their absence whatsoever. 

Of course I can - and must - understand that first life work and other similar obligations must sometimes take priority, but our elected officials have a duty to see to it that the board can continue to function efficiently despite such obstacles. It's time to get our house in order, men and Marge of the Second Pride board! Let's have no more meetings postponed due to no quorum and get on with the necessary business at hand.

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