Saturday, November 9, 2013

Returning to Life

Since I stopped taking the Champix cold turkey last Sunday, I feel myself getting better each day. It's a relief to feel that I can focus again, get things done and that my general mood is improving. I am even starting to like people again.

Yesterday I returned to SecondLife and dropped in at DJ Arcy's set at Butch's Whim - Part Deux. I had a wonderful time with great music and sexy company. This evening everyone there was bouncing around on pumpkins, so I chose a pumpkin and joined in.
"Prime Cut"
DJ Arcy
I even succeeded in forcing Butch to give me a good night hug before he went to sleep. He is a bit wary of my "homosocial" habits. This time he only complained that my antlers were sticking through his head.


  1. This is wonderful news and enjoyed seeing you again last night although the poking will never ever stop....

  2. Thank you, buddies! ;)

    I am going to make a special post for you poking-fiends, partly because I miss the poking and the poking fights also ;)

  3. I miss you allredy on facebook Bock and your neverending pokes. But it looked like you had a great evening anyway. Hugs!



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