Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Ballroom Picture

Today I got the result of my photo shoot with Eeva Rasmusen for the BM Ballroom Promo. Don't we look stunning?

The demonic - and angelic - photographer is my dear friend Kahvy Sands.


  1. I am a total Angel!!! Everyone that knows me will vouch for that!!! Then again, everyone I know are Pathological liars.... X-) But the Picture is amazing right? BM Made it btw I just took pictures in front of a white background and watched on skype as she airbrushed the Sh***t out of the Laird.... X-) Rumor has it he's fussy about his stunning good looks ;)

    1. Huh, are you trying to imply that one must "airbrush the shit out of the laird" for me to looking stunning? What a f-ing liberty and on my own blog too! No wonder your friends have to be pathological liars...


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