Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Not Just A Pretty Face

Guyke Lundquist, the Prince of Paradijs, is my son and heir, my pride and joy and my longest lasting friend in SecondLife. I love him to bits!
Guyke's Christmas Card this year (Photography by Danne Guardian)
The first thing everyone notices about my Guykechen is his stunning beauty, the second is his devastating charm and the third is his astute sense for fashion. The man shines brightly even in the presence of the many other luminaries on the SecondLife sky of male beauty.

What people don't know, and rarely take the time to notice (overwhelmed as they are with his dazzling presence), is that Guyke has the full package. Besides his good looks he also has a curious and an inquisitive mind which is stacked with knowledge about just about anything one needs to know and also an emotional depth and concern for his fellow man.

Almost every time I am with Guyke he teaches me something new. Just the other day he taught me something I had never even heard about. For instance, did you know that there is an easy way for those of us using the Firestorm viewer to reach a certain height in the skies above you? Well Guyke did and it is an easy trick which is extremely useful for me as I now have a lot of my landscaping stored at 1.000 meters above Southern Charm.

You use the Firestorm feature "Go To Height" by simply typing "gth 1000" in your nearby/local chat and hey presto you are at the designated height. Going down you just do the opposite, type "gth 25 (or whatever your level you prefer)" and down on the ground you are. Nifty, isn't it?

Another thing he taught me is that I can mix the sound levels for Skype, Firestorm and whatever so I get the combination of the levels that I prefer. You do that simply by clicking the loudspeaker symbol in the bottom right and then go to "Mixer" to choose the settings you want with the sliders. Hey presto! For some of you geeky guys this is probably really basic, but for me it's news.


  1. Or if you want down on the ground you can just type "flr" as well. :)

    Yes Guyke is a sweetie, that is why I love him more than just for his good looks. I see only one fault with him...he is not in to women. :D

    1. Oooooooooooo flr you say? I will have to try that at once, thanks Helene!

    2. Jupp Bock. I used it myself just now.

      If you look in Avatar->Preference->CMDlines1+2 you can see more stuff that make it easier to use the viewer in SL: :)

    3. Thanks for the additional tips, Helene dear! ;)

    4. Your welcome. :) I am not just a pretty face either. *giggles*

  2. *is blushing all over...*
    Thank you dearest Bockilein :)
    Love you to bits and pieces <3

  3. It is all true what you wrote about The White Prince but there is a few other talents he has which you may not have um...experienced such as mountain climbing, public acts of naturalizing and a few others...

    1. *blushes* TMI, TMI - I think... *Bock's imagination starts spinning*


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