Sunday, December 29, 2013

Odds & Ends

Usually I take a lot of pictures in SecondLife, but I don't always manage to work them into a post. So here are some miscellaneous items that have been leftover from the last couple of weeks.
I, Dex and Guyke at Fallen Gods. Guyke and I are in our
centaur outfits and Dex as an assassin (based on Arrow)
Dej looks like shit on the way out in his very old Godzilla-outfit
I, in my puppy outfit, watch Dej as he is pooped out by his Godzilla
Sitting in my kitchen and talking with Tomais and Dej
Trying out my new tub from Hubs with my lover Tomais


  1. Bock and Guyke promise me to never let your hair grow long. It doesn´t make you look so hot as your normal look. ;)

    1. Duh, don't we look hot in just about everything? ;)


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