Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Quote of the Day (2013-12-17)

The quote of the day comes from my brother Dej, who has been spamming me with it in IM and offline messages since yesterday.
Kathy Bates as Dolores Claiborne
Dolores Claiborne is a novel by Stephen King. A film based on the novel was directed by Taylor Hackford in 1995, starring  Kathy Bates (Dolores Claiborne) and Judy Parfitt (Vera Donovan).
Judy Parfitt as Vera Donovan
"Sometimes being a bitch is the only thing a woman has to hold on to." the character Vera tells DoloresWikipedia: Dolores Claiborne (film)


  1. I look fat in that picture.

    1. It's the lighting, but you look cute anyhow ;)

  2. Some times a woman has to be a high riding bitch to survive Delores and an accident can be an unhappily married woman;s best friend.
    There is an eclipse tomorrow night Delores.


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