Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Science: Spread of Infection via the Internet

The illustrious scientist Dr. Field Marshal Bock McMillan at The McMillan Center for Disease Control, today published a sensational empirical study showing that viruses possibly can be transmitted through the Internet.

Asked for a comment Dr. McMillan said,
"Well, as most of you must certainly know I have been spending the last weeks kissing, slobbering and exchanging bodily fluids with that hunk of male beauty known as Tomais Ashdene.
Tomais has meanwhile had an exceptionally bad case of the common cold, which he barely survived with the help of chicken soup and some TLC from me. Now, to my own surprise and dismay, I find I have been infected by what may very possibly be the same strain of common cold-viruses that may have been transmitted transatlantically by the Internet. Further research will have to show if this is actually the case, but I thought it best to warn the general public of potential risks a.s.a.p."


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