Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snogging & Ice Skating

Guyke, the clever boy, has set up an ice skating pond at his and Zigg's enlarged home. Tomais and I went there to try it out yesterday with the boys themselves, Butch and Helene Dragoone.
Tomais and I look good together, while
Ziggy in the background shows off with a daring posture 
Now both Guyke and Ziggy, who both are more experienced ice skaters, show off
Tomais and I try to escape to Guyke's & Ziggy's igloo for some alone time
...but we are kept under strict surveillance by Guyke, Ziggy and Helene
We don't care about their spying eyes and feel alone in a world full of people...
Thanks for inviting us over boys, we had a great time!

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