Sunday, January 26, 2014

Challenging the Venerable Ms. Oh

As I was busy cleaning up a part of Southern Charm yesterday in preparation for Mirco Dinzeo moving in, my client the scary Ms. SaveMe Oh snuck up on me and almost made me soil myself.

For those who do not know Ms. Oh, or do not know off her, she is an extraordinary performance artist, machinima maker and general nuisance in SecondLife who has gained a reputation for getting banned and ejected all over the grid by meddlesome busybodies who do not appreciate her outspoken manners and her attempts at "invigorating" exhibitions, concerts and events that fail to meet her high standards by taking over with one of her own ad hoc performances. For some reason the two of us have, however, always gotten along famously and she has honored me by appointing me as her legal counsel.

At first we said nothing at all, as SaveMe first walked around me in circles pretending not to notice me and then tried to hide from me while I was busy keeping an eye on her activities. Finally I broke the silence and bid her welcome back to Southern Charm (She had been there the evening before for a concert by Ultraviolet Alter in a sim-covering and colorful installation by Betty Tureaud).

She was telling me about her trials and tribulations in the narrow minded art world of SecondLife and that she was now contemplating making one last dramatic manifestation by hanging herself in one of my - according to her - far too many trees.

I was moved by her story and after having begged her to find somewhere else for "the final performance" I sent her a hug-request, which she - after several questions, much hesitation and me calling her out as a coward - finally accepted.

During our encounter my Tomais had snuck in unnoticed and was sitting and watching us from the gazebo. When I saw my lovely husband I ran up to him and happily greeted him with a hug too.

Tomais and I had a busy day scheduled so we said our goodbyes to SaveMe and left her to her own devices at the skating area. She seemed quite happy and was entertaining herself with a light show.
(You can read SaveMe Oh's own account of our encounter on SaveMe Oh's Weblog: Hiding At My Lawyers (url).)

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