Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BM's Ballroom - Now in the Destination Guide

Yesterday my friend Kahvy Sands, general manager, dance master, DJ, jack of all trades and factotum to Her Royal Majesty Big Momma Oh, Queen of the Netherlands in SecondLife, sent me a link to the SecondLife destination guide.

Big Momma's Ballroom has now made it to the destination guide! I am certain that the beautiful picture of BM Oh and myself dancing at the ballroom helped a little. The only drawback is that now it will be even harder to get into the sim, when there is a party.

Congratulations to the wonderful Big Momma's  Ballroom (url to the post in the Destination Guide)!


  1. It must have helped! As well as you showing of her Majesty in all her glory on this picture! You will note, as did she, soon enough, what it is like to be stalked by Paparazzi though...

  2. Haha.. you already know papearazzi is following me don't you


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