Sunday, February 23, 2014

Garrett's & Houston's Wedding

Tomais and I had the pleasure of being invited to the wedding of Messrs. Garrett Smith and Houston Di Armani yesterday. It was a moving (What wedding isn't, with all the love and honest declarations of commitment filling the air?) and wonderful experience.

Following the old adage "a picture says more than a thousand word", here are a few of my snaps from the ceremony and the reception afterwards.
Ms. BM Oh, the no doubt sexiest and most daring officiant in any
world, in a  stunning gown that revealed more skin than it covered.
The benches in the hall were packed with a selection of the hottest men and women to be found in SecondLife.
Ms. Helene Dragoone, fetching as always
Mr. Kahvy Sands, one of the groomsmen and the DJ at the reception
The wedding party assembled at the dais
Messrs. Houston Di Armani and Garrett Smith, the two grooms
Ms BM Oh is escorted out by her trusted companion Mr. Kahvy Sands
Wedding guests eagerly awaiting for the dancing to commence

Thank you for a wonderful wedding and reception, Messrs. Di Armanis, my best wishes go to you both for a long lasting and happy marriage!


  1. Hey :) the Dress matched the Bridesmaids for BM, its the boys that wanted all that skin X-)

  2. You always know how to make me look like a Queen in words only Sir Bock. now you captured me in pictures too as beautiful as can be. thank you. and yess the wedding was lovely.. :)


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