Saturday, February 15, 2014

Picture of the Day - 1

I have decided to start a series of posts called "Picture of the Day".

In these posts I will (hopefully daily) - but at least once in a while - share pictures with you that touch, move, excite, upset or thrill me in anyway. They may be from either SecondLife or first life, photography, paintings or cartoons, newly taken or age old drawings on cave walls.

Even if I am mostly partial to pictures with people in them, that doesn't mean there will not be nature pictures or street views. And to belay any fears you may have, although I do for personal reasons have an extremely large and soft spot for the photographer Mr. Tomais Ashdene Esq. all will not be by him even if I am certain some will be. The only thing I can safely promise you is that there will absofuckinglutely be no fluffy kittens.

The series starts with my choice of the day, the picture that triggered this idea in me.
"Spencer" Photography by Finn Millar
Oh and if any of the photographers or artists should happen to take offence to me publishing their pictures, please do let me know and I will remove it at once.

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