Sunday, February 9, 2014

Results of My Readers Survey 2014

A week ago I started a survey to elicit some more information about you, my dear readers. I allowed you a week to respond and the results are now in.

Here are the results:
Out of the 33 respondents on the first question, 27 (81%) identified as male, while 6 (18%) identified as females. None (0%) identified as Intersex, Transgender or Other.

Out of the 33 respondents on the second question, 22 (66%) identified as gay, 6 (18%) as straight, 3 (9%) as bisexual, 1 (3%) as asexual and 1 (3%) as other. None (0%) identified as lesbian.

Out of the 29 respondents on the third and final question (which allowed multiple answers), concerning reader involvement, 21 (72%) said they had commented, 6 (20%) said they had linked and 3 (10%) said they had shared, while the remaining 6 (20%) said they had neither commented, linked or shared.


Judging from the results of this survey we can conclude that the readers of Bock in SecondLife are an extremely cisgender (your experience of your gender matches the sex you were assigned at birth) crowd consisting of mainly gay men with a fairly high degree of reader involvement.

I thank all those of you who have bothered to take part in this highly unscientific study. Hugs and kisses to you all!


  1. Another fun fact: Due to the fact none of the woman identified as a lesbian, we can almost safely asume the woman are all straight, provided they did not answer a-sexual or bi-sexual, but that's a small measurement issue there. Could that be not many straight men read you blog?

  2. O.M.G. what a revelation! I thought I had at least one straight male reader, but perhaps he didn't bother to take part in the survey...?


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