Friday, February 14, 2014

Will You Be My Valentine?

My darling husband Tomais,

I will never forget it, you know? A few weeks ago when we were in bed, and you said to me, "Bock,...", you always call me Bock (which is a good thing since that is my name), " you think I am 'principled and earnest'? Those words have been coming up a couple of times to characterize me lately."
"Slurp" Photography by Tomais Ashdene
I thought about your question a short while and then told you, "Yes, definitely, I do think you are both 'principled' and 'earnest' and those are two of the reason I love you most. You obviously do have a ethical and moral compass that guides you through your life. You have a clear sense of what is right and wrong and a sincere conviction of what you will allow yourself to do and how you are prepared to go about things."

Ever since I started looking at men again, you are exactly what I have been looking for. In SecondLife everyone can easily be "hot" and "sexy" by buying the right skin and accessories, but what I have looked for are the characteristics that sometimes are considered uncool. A man that is reliable, responsible, committed, caring, loving and considerate.

You are all that and so much more! You have a wonderful sense of humor, a geekish side with a deep fascination for both science and technology, for science fiction and fantasy and last but not least, fashion. You calm me down when I am upset and choleric, you make me feel safe and loved when I am feeling unworthy of love, you can make me laugh and get things into perspective when I am sad, brooding and uptight. And you can explain stuff that I don't understand so that I do.

I never thought it would happen again and I am so grateful that I met you and got the chance to love you. You make me happy, horny and calm. You make me laugh so hard that my tummy aches. I love you so much and I want you to stay in my life always, always!

Will you be my valentine, hubby? 


  1. I am not an especially eloquent person, particularly when speaking of something - or in this case someone - so very important to me. So I will not try to fill this comment with poetic words. I will just answer this question

    "Will you be my valentine, hubby?" Yes, sweet man. Yes.

    1. You have a wonderful way of getting your message across very clearly, so you are most certainly eloquent, lover man ;)


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