Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just A Bar@Burnal Equinox 2014

I am extremely happy to announce to the world that Clan McMillan is represented at this years Burn2 in SecondLife. The Burn2 opened yesterday and ends on Sunday with the burning of the all the builds.

My beloved and trusted Sergeant at Arms sirhc DeSantis McMillan was chosen by the organizers of the event a while back, but I was sworn to secrecy by the sweet man and have not been able to share the information with you earlier.

As a part of my lairdly duties I was happy to visit the build yesterday accompanied by my royal consort Tomais. At our arrival we were heartily greeted by Sarge and his adorable spouse, my dear friend, Mrs. Vampi Twine DeSantis McMillan McMillan (honorary).
Contrary to his spouse my Sarge is an exceptionally accomplished hugger
sirhc's build is a bar in the skies that offers the other builders and all the visitor a space for rest, relaxation, friendly chat and meditation. The architecture is definitely "steampunkish" in style and highly imaginative and creative.

I must however warn all visitors to mind where they walk, as the build completely lacks railings and there is a long fall to the ground.
The sweet hosts are already aflame in anticipation of the burning that will take place on Sunday March 30, 2014, at 10 PM SLT (if I am correctly informed).

Here is the landmark to Just a Bar (SLurl), it will take you to the ground level under the bar. You will land in an acidic green slush that may be green diesel or rocket fuel.

To get up to the bar you will need to cam straight above - it may be helpful to use the surrounding walls - and when your camera reaches the build above you right click and choose "sit".

Once you have seen sirhc's build you may wish to look around at the other attractions, the organizers offer a comfortable balloon tour for doing that.

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