Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photo Safari

My Tomais and I went on a photographic expedition yesterday to Kaelyn Alecto's "It all starts with a smile..."-sim, because there is an ongoing photography contest on Flickr which Tomais is taking part in. (It all starts with a smile... - Photography Contest).
"Lazing together at the dock..." Photography by Tomais Ashdene
Tomais found a nice spot and started playing with his Windlight-settings (He actually has more than the 20,000+ than I have in my viewer, apparently it is possible to download a a shitload of other settings from somewhere.) While Tomais was doing that and taking pictures I was chatting away at him on Skype to his muttering responses.

I eagerly followed Tomais work process in Photoshop with his picture. It is always fascinating to see how he detects and corrects glitches and how he can enhance his pictures seemingly without effort. The effortlessness of course comes through skill and practice. Although many people often tell me that I am the most patient man in SecondLife, I do not hesitate to admit that I would never have the patience - or talent - to learn how to do it.

Anyway, after awhile I started to take a few pictures myself and I submit to my version of the same scene.
"Bock's version" by Bock McMillan
As you may have noticed, I am now using it as my blog header.

If you wish to see more of Tomais awesome photography you can visit his Flickr Photostream or PhotoMonkey SL (NSFW).

I also posted my picture to my own Flickr Photostream - it's the only one there so far - and joined the Flickr group "It all starts with a smile..." - Photo Contest to submit it to the contest.

Furthermore, I consider that Dejerrity Mycron must be partnered soon. The wonderful man's single status is an utter mystery to me and he certainly needs other things to occupy his mind. Interested parties should contact me a.s.a.p. for additional information.

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