Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thank You, Friends!

Last Saturday my Tomais and I had the pleasure of having you, our families and friends, over to celebrate our elopement and share our happiness with us at The Elopement Party. To those of you who couldn't be there we say, we missed you dearly and hope that you can be with us next time.
"Selfies" Photography by Tomais Ashdene
You came in droves in a way that completely surprised us and made us feel more loved than ever before. You actually came in such quantities and simultaneously that the sim couldn't take it and crashed under us, but as I have always maintained "Every good party needs at least one crash!"

With the kind help and speedy assistance of TJ Linden the sim was soon up again and - as it seemed - moved to a much better server, because after the crash there was no lag at all even when most of you came back and we were joined by even more friends and friends of friends. Someone told me later that we at some point peaked at 64 avatars present at the sim.

Ryder Yowman and Rylan Sirnah, the Masters of Music for the evening, with their awesome tunes insured that we would all have a wonderful time.

You came in the most fabulous outfits or outrageous costumes and in excellent moods for a party, it was indeed a pleasure having you all there.  Even the performance artist SaveMe Oh turned up to see what was happening and "improve the artistic qualities" of the party. Alas I was forced to kick her off the sim when she started large flocks of sheep on the dance floor, despite this unfortunate incident we are still friends and SaveMe could be freed up to get kicked off a couple of more sims before her evening was over.

We requested that you did not give us gift but that you instead share your generosity with two charities and you were indeed overwhelmingly generous!

Chaz Longfall, our liaison with ACT (The AIDS Committee of Toronto) informed us after the party that you had donated L$27.600 to that cause, while I myself have calculated that you donated a few dollars shy of L$21.000 to Second Pride. We would both like to thank you for your kind generosity to these worthy causes.

All in all Tom and I both had a wonderful time, seeing all of you there and enjoying ourselves, although we were drowning in IM's, teleport requests, problems and handling local chat most of the evening. We were also both much too busy to take pictures so we are grateful to those of our friends who took pictures and shared them with us on their blogs or on Facebook.

Party pictures by Apmel Goosson

More pictures by Apmel Goosson can be found on his blog My Avatar's Name is Apmel "En krash direkt vid ankomsten"

Party pictures by Eddi Haskell

 More pictures can be found on Eddi & Ryce's Second Life Event Photography: Bock McMillan's and Tomais Ashdene's Elopement Party Earlier this Evening and Events: Benja and Ryce (as Tom Cruise) at Bock's and Tomais Elopement Party on Saturday Night

Party pictures by Helene Dragoone

Party pictures by Kahvy Sands

Party pictures by Kimly Crystal


  1. Congratulations again guys, and thank you for a fantastic party. Lots of love to you both <3

    1. Thanks so much, Helene! Lots of love right back at ya' ♥♥♥


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