Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Skin Fair 2014

The SecondLife annual Skin Fair of 2014 opened on Friday. 

I haven't dared go there yet and am waiting for the true-blue fashionistas, like my bosom buddy Apmel Goosson, to be done with it first. 

As Apmel discovered after being kicked off the sims twice the fair has strict script limits and enforces them diligently. (See My Avatar's Name is Apmel: Kicked out from Skin Fair)

This is what the organizers have to say about about script limits on the events webpage The Skin Fair 2014.

"As with any big event there are some guidelines to help make your experience the best that it can be. Get rid of ALL scripted items. This includes hairs, booties, hands, feet and the like….not only your ao and radar detectors. Wear a system layer bikini. *gasp* Did you just say system layer? Yes, when you go to a high traffic sim, there is bound to be lag and while we do our best to minimize it, mesh items take longer to rezz and most likely all people will see are your alpha layers. No way to impress is it? So dig out that hot lil bikini (sorry ladies but you must wear something to cover them nips as the event is PG) and wear it proudly. Nowadays most hair is scripted in one form or another, and this can be an issue for your script count, so I suggest finding a gorgeous hair base and rocking that look. These measures should help you when you arrive to skin fair, and not only not get you booted, but let you try on skins easily."

There are three sims of skins and other goodies and no less than 122 designers participating in the event. 
Skin Fair 1
Skin Fair 2

Skin Fair 3

Participating Designers

Divalicious - Apple May - White Widow - VCO - The Shape HQ - Chary - Izzie’s - SLink - Glam Affair - Baby Princess - YS & YS - Tuli - Zibska - Bite & Claw - Zoul Creations - Lumae - Belleza -  Amacci - vive9 Fiore - Akeruka - SYS - H.O.E. Inc - PXL - Nar Mattaru - tokyo Girl - Clemmm -  PixyStix - morphine - MUA - Fake - Precious - Kooqla - Shakeup - DyVersatile - Rozena - Kokolores - Fashionably Dead - Utopiah - Black Pearl - Buzzeri - Swallow - Curious Kitties - RyuuKou - Orage Creations - Moda - Filthy - Zanzo - Egozy - Style by Kira - League - La Petite Morte - Addy Style - Aeros - The Skinnery - My UglyDorothy - Lara Hurley - Birdy - Nuuna - Red Mint - Glance - Dream Ink - Deesses - Silken Moon - Adore & Abhor - Oceane - N.M+ - BoobieLicious - Nox - Ab Fab - Soiree - Rockberry - Envy Me - The Plastik Shine - Elysium - TSG - Adam n Eve - Blush - Atomic - Labyrinth - Esode - VYC - MOJO - ND/MD - deeTalez - Essences - Tuty’s - Pointillage - No7 - Dulce Secrets - Joli - The Mesh Project - Nivaro - Mimi’s Boutique - Iren - Oohlalicious - Clef de Peau - elephante poses - anymore store - Rosy Mood - Logo - Loud Mouth - Skindustrial Bodyworks - Madrid Solo - La Malvada Mujer - YumYums - 7 Deadly Skins - Pink Acid - Razzanova - WoW Skins - blacklace  - Beauty - *(00)*YUKI - Jalwa - Eye Candi - Dead Apples - Modish - Mystic Canvas - Nuuna - Ruby Skins - Arm Candy - New Faces - Okkbye


  1. They can forget it. I don´t go anywhere without the most basic scripts..

    1. Well, dear Apmel, sometimes we must suffer to become beautiful, as every fashionista know...

      Did you ever try wearing a system layer outfit that covers you from top to bottom, so that no one would recognize you - if it weren't for your name tag ;)

  2. Bock,
    What's the point of it though? Are they giving away free skins? Or is it just that a lot of skins are in one (high lag) place, so you can work out what designers you like?

    1. Well Anonymous, I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me it comes down to that at these fairs all the excellent or good designers/creators are all gathered in one place.

      You can see designers you have never seen or heard of before, the designers you have dropped and the ones you still buy from all in one place for easy comparison. Who knows, you may get a new favorite or return to an old favorite or stick with the one you are with at the moment. The options, the options... ;)

      A third thing is that one can often see what the popular trend among the designers is at the moment. Personally I am hoping for less eyeliners (or having them as an option) and less glossy skins...

      Finally its all the new stuff you have never heard of or encountered before, which you can dis or love but it's still something different.

    2. Thanks. I'll take off my hair and have a look then. :)

  3. Yeah.. but there's limitations and there's overdoing it. Most likely, the target audience who, much like myself, been there, done that with these fairs, will pass on this one. I know I will, to much effort, I am willing to get rid of scripted hair, resizers ( I allready do that anyway, there's a point in copyable stuff after all) and most huds ( all but ao X-) ) but Ain't no way in hell I am gonna strut my stuff in system layers... Besides, I'm a Redgrave-o-Holic as it is X-)


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