Sunday, April 27, 2014


It usually works the other way around, I post from the blog to Facebook, but today I am posting a Bitstrip I made on Facebook to my blog.
It all started this morning, when I received an offline message to my email from an old and dear friend in SecondLife that disturbed me a lot. When I tried to respond to the message on Facebook, I got this when I tried to locate the friend.

It seems I have hurt or crossed the person so much that I have been blocked. Instead I sent my friend an email responding to some of the issues that were raised in the offline message.

The whole incident has sent me into a self-doubting mood and I am wondering what I could have done or should not have done for things to end up this way.

However, I am hoping we can talk it through in-world (I do not yet know if I have been blocked there also or not) and iron out any misunderstandings between us. This is surely a friend I would hate to lose.


  1. It seems your silly friend was banned from Facebook for a day but the little twitter bird told me to look at your emails.

    1. Ahhhh, thanks for helping out Ziggychen!


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