Thursday, May 1, 2014

Absolutely Fabulous!

The delicious Tomais and his spouse Bock, the laird of Southern Charm
The delicious Avacar and his spouse Rico, the Lead of Gay Archipelago
On Sunday evening I dragged the second most patient man in SecondLife with me to the finals of the Miss Wigstock 2014 contest. I mean, isn't it wonderful how things work themselves out - sometimes with a little help from close friends - here I am madly in love with a man almost as patient as myself and he is in love with me too?

Anyhow, the Gay Archipelago, through the combined forces of nature Othon Weiland and Oliver Elton, had yet again put together a great show for us to enjoy.

There were five finalists, the fabulous Fanny Flamingo (Richardson Nootan), the Divine Dame Black (Waveyjustin), the delectable Cieline Dionysis (Ciel Silentghost), the delicious Donatella (Didier Rascon) and the peerless Paige Turner (Hobbit Zenfold).
The Fabulous Fanny Flamingo with escorts
The Delectable Cieline Dionysis with escorts 
The bygone drag queens, from left to right
Hottie B Lockjaw (winner 2010), Juve Wheelwright (winner 2013) and Oliver Elton
The Delicious Donatella with muscular escorts
The Peerless Paige Turner
who had the most stunning entrance
Judge Mimi Juneau
Judge Rene Bonaparte
Judge Owl Braveheart

Rico and Parvin on the podium for the prize ceremony
Parvin dashing as always
Some poor sods who could not get a table in the V.I.P. section
The results of the contest turned out like this.
Winner (score 93 points) Didier Rascon
1st runner up (score 91 points) Hobbit Zenfold
2nd runner-up (score 81 points) Waveyjustin

I agree with the judges that it was indeed a toss-up between Didier and Hobbit, congratulations to both of them and thank you to Gay Archipelago and all the other organizers and contestants for giving us a wonderful show!

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