Saturday, May 10, 2014

...And The Winners Will Be...

It's the annual high point in many gay European men's year tonight, the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. I'm staying away from those parties because I don't like the music one bit and everything gets a bit over-the-top and "gala" for me to feel happy and comfortable.

If there was any justice whatsoever in the world this song would be allowed to compete again this year and would win this time around (mostly because of the song but a little because of the cute guitarist and, to be quite honest, the singer/composer too).

...but as I am not expecting miracles in this unfair and unjust world, my second favorite for winning tonight is this one.

I want the Russians and the other homophobes and transphobes out there to get a wake-up call and have their bigotry rubbed in their faces, so I will vote for it ten times although I don't like the song that much.


  1. The Hungarian guitarist is cute but the first thing I noticed is his brown shirt. He is not member of Jobbik is he?

    1. It was observant of you to notice that Eddi, however, I do not know the guitarists name let alone his political affiliations or whether he has any connections to the Hungarian Jobbik party, whose ideology has been described as right-wing populism, fascism, neo-fascism, Neo-Nazi, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Roma and homophobia.


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