Saturday, May 17, 2014

Norway, Norway & Norway

I posted this the last two May 17, it will work fine today also!

May 17 is the National Day of Norway.

Norway and Norwegians are undoubtedly the country and people Swedes love most in the world, feel closest to - and love to joke with and about the most also.

As has become my tradition on this blog I give you the most loving joke with Norway and Norwegians ever produced with this classic clip from Swedish television in the early 1960's, "The Helmer Bryds Eminent Five Quartet" with their protest song "Norway".

It's a pity that Norwegians don´t appreciate us Swedes as much we do them, but then love isn't always mutual, is it?

Happy birthday Norway!
"Norway" - the protest song 
(translated from Swedish by Bock McMillan)

It is said that one should not gene-ra-li-ze,
and say for example that "Germany is not good"
One really shouldn't generally do that, I don´t think, but this doesn'
t apply
to the country where Norwegians live.

Norway, Norway,it is a rotten country.
Norwegians, Norwegians, a fucking band of robbers.
Norwegians, Norwegians, they fish bad cod.
So if you see a slob, and he stinks like rotten fish
He is undoubtedly Norwegian.

Yes, the Norwegians they are terrible,
so ugly and so small.
With ties that are disgusting with Norwegian flowers on.
They fool around and fuss, and yodel and go on.
One wonders when one see´s them, how stupid can you be?

Norway, Norway, it never rises "frem".
Norway, Norway, with the thousand "hjem".
Norway, Norway, you stain on our earth.
We can feel the stench all the way down to the Dogger Bank
from your Norwegian smorgasbord.

We should give a real blow to Norway as a nation,
because they have so ugly mountains and have bad pensions too.
They don´t make cars and the bikes they make are lousy
and their only great poet, he is named Peter Dass. (Note: Dass is slang for toilet in Swedish)

Norway, Norway, is the world's worst country.
Norwegians, Norwegians, they should be taken care of.
Norwegians, Norwegians, the people that the Lord gave
a hopeless mind and a forehead that is so low
so that the hat keeps falling off"

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