Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Listen To Your Body, Bock" - Part 4

"La Mort de Marat" (1793) Jacques-Louis David
Marat was working in his bathtub, soaking for a skin disease,
when he was assassinated by Charlotte Corday
This is the fourth and final installment of a series of post entitled "Listen To Your Body, Bock".

In the previous posts I have shared some outtakes of my medical history where I have been told by representatives of the medical profession that I should "listen to my body".

What I wanted to show you with the examples in my posts was that "listen to your body" is a crock of shit which no decent healthcare worker should ever utter.

Your body sends you many signals over time, most of them are nonsense. Your body doesn't always tell you when something is wrong and if it does, it isn't always clear about it. Only once in a while does it have something important to say.

Instead of trying to listen to the gibberish coming from the body, observe it carefully. Notice the changes that occur on your body, size, color, density, texture, new lumps, tenderness, whatever. If it is unexpected, get a check-up.

If you feel pains or see blood, get a check up. And always, always, have a regular check-up every year or two.

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  1. I want to bring one thing up. There is one thin that people have no excuse to die from this day and age. Colon cancer, which many people die from as they get older. A Colonoscopy can literally save your life. At 50, or younger, if you have a family history of cancer in that area or for other reasons (check with your doctor) you need to have these done. The procedure is painless and simple. People make a big deal of it, and all it is is cleaning yourself out by drinking some liquid the day before, going to a hospital or outpatient center and having yourself knocked out for 30 minutes while a doctor checks you out inside with a small tube with a camera, and that is it. If a polyp is sound (a pre cancerous growth) it is removed right then and there during your procedures. It is INCREDIBLE how many people refuse to get this because they fear being examined. Make sure to have this done and check with your doctor about this. One more thing -- Colorectal cancer has a very high genetic component,For example, in the USA African Americans and Ashkenazi (Eastern European ancestry) Jews have a much higher rate than the rest of the population in having this. 5% of the general population gets this in the USA, but among these groups it can be 15% or higher. For some reason, Norway also has one of the highest rates in the world and it is increasing and no one knows why. I do not know about Sweden.


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