Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Celebrating Le Petit Prince

Yesterday the McMillan clan and friends assembled at the home sim to celebrate the first life birthday of Guyke, Prince of Paradijs (the traditional title of the heir to the throne of Southern Charm), on his 26th birthday - again.
Cupcakes in enormous quantities and varying sizes were served with tea and homemade honey. The laird, who at his advanced age has to be careful with his intake of calories, only ate one cupcake but the younger men could stuff their bellies with many more of the tasty delicacies. 

After a short break in the eating to give Guyke his birthday gift the family continued eating ice-cream and popsicles (cool, fruity, creamy and crunchy) on the roof terrace while enjoying a pleasant discussion on current events into the night.

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