Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Dreamt of Vanadis

Last night I dreamt one of the weirdest dreams I have ever dreamed before.

Vanadis Falconer
(photo quoted from Facebook)
I dreamt that I was sitting on the terrace of my "palazzo" at Southern Charm with none other than the other Swedish SecondLife blogger Vanadis Falconer. We were talking in voice and were happily chatting away and laughing a lot, although I cannot for the life of me remember what our conversation was about.

Now everyone who knows me well - or has followed my blog through the years - knows that my relationship with Vanadis has been "extremely strained", to say the least.

On June 29th this year I made the unilateral decision to forgive Vanadis, among others whom I felt had wronged me, so that I in time could forget the perceived insults and abuses. I at the same time asked for her forgiveness for my words and actions. Nothing more has come of that, other than the wonderful relief it gave me to get rid of that stinking and heavy burden and to finally let go of the bygone. So it is a complete mystery to me why I had this completely unexpected dream.

I am not even sure how I would actually handle the situation if the opportunity did arise.

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