Saturday, October 4, 2014

Alien Life Form on Southern Charm?

The little princes and princesses at Southern Charm have all gotten their undies in a bundle this morning, especially the biologists and zoologists among them.

What happened was that little princess Magdalene was out early this morning in the woods at Southern Charm. She was bird spotting and taking pictures, she is an avid ornithologist and photographer. 

When she looked at her pictures later this morning she spotted something unusual that caught her eye and interest. In the lower right corner of the picture there was something that shouldn't be there. Magdalene shared the magnification below with her fellow ornithologists - and everyone else that cared to look.
Magnification of the lower right corner of the
picture taken by princess Magdalene McMillan
"It is definitely humanoid in it's form, but not a human!", the royal natural scientists have concluded after a close scrutiny. "A human does not usually have a tail and this animal most definitely has a bushy striped tail."

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