Saturday, November 22, 2014

Avacar Remembered

Friends and SL-family of Avacar Bluestar gathered at his memorial service this evening, to remember and to be reminded of the man, his life and his deeds and also to support his beloved partner Rico Bluestar and the rest of Avacar's SL-family.
The sim was at full capacity - or even over at times - throughout the ceremony. When some people crashed new ones joined. I saw 101 avatars on the map, which supposedly should not be possible...

I recognized people from Europe, Australia, North and South America, all of us gathered in one place at the same time to remember a partner, a brother, a friend or just a man who had crossed our path and been kind to us.
Screen capture courtesy of Eddi Haskell
Evan Greymyst, Parvin, Ryce Skytower (Eddi Haskell), Sasch Petrov, MissBigRed and Avacar's SL-sister Phoebe Sahara - among others - shared their thoughts and feelings at this sad time with all of us who were there.

You can read Ryce Skytower's eulogy on his blog Eddi & Ryce's Second Life: My Comments At Avacar Bluestars Memorial This Evening

Rest in peace, Avacar, with the knowledge that you were loved.

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