Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Aviary

The much honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm etc., etc., is a fortunate man to have found a royal consort like Tomais, who with dazzling good looks, devastating charm and impeccable taste can alleviate the lairds burdens.

As you probably are aware, the laird is a conscientious and diligent steward of his realm. He saves no effort in the painstaking upkeep and beautification of his lands. His consort offers him much needed assistance and guidance in these - and all other - matters.

The Balinese building on the home sim has for some time been an unfitting eyesore to the laird. It did not seem to match the rest of the sim, at all, although it had been beautifully exotic at the time when it was once erected.
When Tomais recently suggested a change the laird was slightly wary, but once he was  shown the replacement his husband suggested he was enthusiastic.
The minor princes and princesses of the clan were set to work and managed to demolish the old structure and build the new one in record breaking time.
Guyke, The Prince of Paradijs, tries the harpsichord
Southern Charm can now pride itself with a wonderful conservatory, named "The Aviary", where the royal couple can entertain themselves and friends with tea, light refreshments, musical entertainment and dancing.

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