Sunday, November 9, 2014

Zeus - The Grand Re-Opening

Yesterday was the grand re-opening of the Zeus Gay Club and O.M.G. what an opening it was! Everyone was there at some point during the festivities.
L to R: Pook Cypher, my Tomais, J.J. Goodman. me and Rylan Sirnah
The owner Michelangelo Vilota and the rest of the extremely large Vilota family and Zeus crew took the opportunity to show off all the beautiful and scenic new venues that had been created by the talented architect and builder Fran Ghoststar, a.k.a. Arteo.

I was too lazy to take pictures, except for the one above, but my friends and co-bloggers Carl Paneer and Rusty Redfield were more active and can offer you many more pictures the parties. Head on over to Carl's blog NakedCarl: Zeus Grand Re-opening and Rusty's blog Playing with the Big Boys: 079: The re-opening party for the Zeus Gay Club.


  1. Thanks for the pointer, Bock! I couldn't keep my lens off you guys ;-)

    1. Thanks buddy, you were quite easy on the eyes too to be honest ;)


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