Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fabulous Denials

"Denial is a coping mechanism that gives you time to adjust to distressing situations — but staying in denial can interfere with treatment or your ability to tackle challenges. If you're in denial, you're trying to protect yourself by refusing to accept the truth about something that's happening in your life."

(via Joe.My.God.)

I don't mind people putting whatever stamp on themselves that they feel suits them, but really...

I realize I shouldn't be laughing at these seven tremendously sad and messed up people, but the absurdity of the situation and the conflict of their feelings and religious beliefs take the better of me. Sorry!


  1. I have a favorite saying -- never underestimate the power of denial. It is true for everyone. Sometimes we block out obvious truths for reasons of ego and are not even aware of it.


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