Sunday, December 7, 2014

Family Feuds

It is said that there are two kinds of family. There's the family of your flesh and blood and the one of your heart, the one you choose out of love.

I am prone to organizing my closest friends in SecondLife into a family unit, sometimes - unfortunately - whether the like it or not or whether they like each other or not.

Every family has its differences from time to time, siblings squabble, children argue with parents and the rest of the family gets dragged into it. Sometimes I am asked to take sides. But how do I do that, when I love the people who are involved and see them as family? 

I find such a request totally unfair and adamantly refuse to choose between one family member or another. That in turn enrages them even more. 

It makes me feel like one of those (usually) women who get knifes thrown at them in circus acts.


  1. Well you see, this is why families often commit murder with an axe.
    Lizzy Borden, Alice Cooper....Guyke Lundquist, Ziggy Starsmith ;-)

    1. Should you show up with an ax at Southern Charm I will just send you a hug-invitation ;)


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