Monday, December 8, 2014


Tomais and I were out looking for a new Christmas tree to put up at the sim over by Ars' memorial. On Marketplace we came across this one, in several versions.
"Typical German Christbaum or Weihnachtsbaum

this is the perfect Xmas tree, because...

* the tree has 120 giftboxes underneath
* in every single ornaments you can see the reflection of a candle
* high detailed candles
* high detailed ornaments
* detailed bells
* the tree has a high detailed string of pearls around the tree
* the has a high detailed decoration on the top
* the tree has a fantastic magical light effect at daytime and night
* the tree has a very detailed texture from a real christmas tree

* the tree is level of detail optimized, when you go far away then you see allways for example every candle

* the width of the tree is 40x40m with the snow underground
* the high is 23 m"

It is indeed a beautiful work of art and highly detailed and must have taken many, many hours to complete, but all the same I do think that the price of L$40.000 is a bit steep...

I am quite certain that if the creator had priced it better he would most likely have made more money from his work.

Let's say 100 copies of the trees are sold at the current price, that would mean an income of L$4.000.000, but if the price had been set to L$5.000 they would most likely sell many more copies - I am guessing 1.000 - and would earn an income of L$5.000.000.

But pricing is difficult and what do I really know about it... my amazing Jester's Hats were only sold in 10 copies for L$10 a piece. The market was not ready for them... and perhaps never will be.


  1. LOL Really? 40,000 Linden is $170.00. I wonder if anyone is going to pay that.

    1. Well, Ty & Truck do have it at Calas Galadhon but that may have been sold for a better price or even given to them for promotional purposes.

  2. That is quite a steep price, isn't it? Mind you, I think it's more prims and area than my entire little plot of land and everything on it, so it's not likely I'd be looking into it. I have known companies sometimes to price something out of the market to emphasize their exclusivity and luxury value -- the $14,000 Coach purse, for instance.
    I would like to own a real Bock McMillan jester hat, though -- sounds like it's within my price range. Are there any left? ;-)

    1. Your sweet comment has just earned you a full set of the amazing Jester's Hats! ;)

  3. I have seen it and it is quite stunning Laird :) And if you like it then sod the price =^^=


    1. I sometimes do that, but not this time ;)

      Good to see you here again, sarge! By the way, I am still waiting for your shower picture... :P

  4. This is all warm and nice and Christmassy but is it flame retardant?

    1. LOL Well, they don't mention that in the description so I cannot answer that, my prince


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