Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Who Would've Known...? (Updated)

The lairds groundskeeper Butch Diavolo recently set up home at Southern Charm. He has built himself a suitably humble cottage there, exquisitely (of course) furnished with the best of Van Auster's work from Post.

The evening before last the laird, his spouse and the little prince visited with Butch to talk and relax in the company of friends and family. We all admired the work that Butch had done with decorating the cottage and complimented him for it.
I recognized a fun and beautiful work of art on the wall that has been made by the extremely talented SecondLife photographer Spanki Moulliez. Butch is supposedly one of the avatars in the picture, but it is hard to tell as the three avatars in it all have cardboard boxes pulled over their heads.

We all had a very pleasant evening chatting about everything and nothing. Tomais - who has a reputation of being an expert on male appendages - helped one of us with resizing a dick to more pleasing proportions. All-in-all we had a wonderful evening together.

Who would've known that it was an end of a seven year era?

Update: I have corrected an embarrassing mistake where I named the photographer incorrectly. My apologies to both Spanki and the person I mistakenly named.

Thank you Butch for pointing out my mistake!


  1. I didn't see the post before the correction, but thank you anyway. The picture is called 'Me, Myself and I', all 3 avatars are actually me :P

    Happy Xmas Bock, hugs.

    1. Thank you Spanki! I hope you have a great holiday!

      Hugs, buddy!


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