Monday, January 19, 2015

The Amazing Samuel

As you all know by now, I have engaged the skilled landscaper Samuel Fallen, of Lytton & Fallen, to help with some landscaping around the new mansion.
Shabby-chic stuff from Apple Fall combined with a
Quidditch set from somewhere else in a beautiful way.
Well, you should also know that Samuel isn't "only" a landscaper and gardener, he in fact designed The Luton Manor (the new house I have bought) for Redgrave Houses & Homes and is also a marvelous interior decorator.

I got clear and irrefutable proof of the latter when I logged into SecondLife the other day,

The evening before I had dragged out some things by Apple Fall, that I knew I wanted to use in the decoration of the house, out of my Inventory and just left them in a mess on the floor to deal with another time. Well, when I logged in, the things had been tastefully arranged in a shabby-chic display by Samuel. I couldn't in a million years have done anything as good or better with them.

My new strategy will be to - sort of recklessly - leave things floating around and see what marvelous things Samuel will come up with. Please do not tell Samuel!

Otherwise the landscaping project is at somewhat of a semi-standstill as we are awaiting the arrival of spring and new stuff to arrive at Botanical. Tomais is busy interior decorating, while I tag along and help where I can, mostly by carrying the heavy stuff around and saying "Oooooo" and "Aaaaaa" at suitable intervals.


  1. When you are ready i hope for a invite. I see it could be something to write about.

    1. You will of course be welcome to visit us, Anna! ;)


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