Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Swedish Invasion Adhoc Reunion

Yesterday evening I got a surprising teleport offer from Ambrooshia. The surprise was that she more or less left SecondLife a couple of years ago and has only been back at infrequent intervals.

Well, as my hubby wasn't online yet and I had nothing better to do, I took the teleport and landed in a gathering of avatars from the period of the big Swedish SL-Invasion in the spring of 2007.

At that time there was an article in the largest Swedish news paper about SecondLife and the Swedish Institute had decided to open a virtual Swedish Embassy in SecondLife that was going to be inaugurated by the Swedish foreign minister at the time, Carl Bildt.

Those of the avatars that don't still regularly come into SecondLife seemed to decide on coming back for regular reunions every Monday at 21.00 C.E.T. (i.e 9 PM C.E.T. or 12 PM SLT)


  1. I was so happy to just be in range of Bock, so that he could call me in to this happy moment!
    So many "old" lovely avatars at the same spot in SL. Goosebumps all over...
    Even though I came a little late, I had the chance to meet some of lost souls in Secondlife
    So, on monday 3/2 we'll meet again :D

    join us all at Ambroooshias place then

  2. And nobody called Apmel :( Just kidding, I probably wasn't online, but some really old acquaintances there that would have been fun to meet again!

  3. Hm. Had no idea. Would have been fun to be there but maybe I wan´t online either.

  4. I looked for you both, Kandinsky & Apmel, when this was happening and neither of you were online, so try next Monday at 9 PM local ;)

  5. That was great fun and i am so happy i could join and experience the euphoria in meeting all the old friends showing up here spontaneously that Monday evening. It was so very good seeing how we all enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully will these reunion parties stay on a regular bases and make it possible for more of the oldies to join in the future. I was so happy to meet again with my first secret but unhappy love here in SL. We both laughed at it!
    Kay Uggla

    1. That's what reunions are for, aren't they? Meeting old loves and being able to laugh at yourselves many years later ;)


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