Saturday, March 21, 2015

Conversation on Facebook

I hadn't been on Facebook for a while, and about ten minutes after I logged on I had this wonderful conversation. (Spelling errors have been corrected.)

Oh yes do poke me
Make sure not to like any of my posts
I will go like you(r posts) afterwards
People might see that
Stop it
You are beginning to start (sounding) bitter
I haven't been on here for a week, 
I need to go through my own 
updates before I get to yours
Honestly do you really think I'm that stupid?
No I don't!
Honestly, do you think I am a liar?
Nah you are just a people pleaser...
...and that's ok
Fuck you to bits
When were you over at the parties at 
The Grindery when I was around?
But now you suddenly are all the time
I am actually starting to believe 
that you are paranoid
It's all about you Bock
Go jump in a lake and cool down
...or take another glass of cava so you pass out
LOL asshole!
Hope you feel better now!
Well do you?
Go hang with the ugly people please
I was waiting for the honest answer by the way

I did not see any point in continuing the conversation, so I liked every post and comment this person had made that I could find and then jumped off Facebook.


  1. Self-Pity and the Sense of Entitlement

    Alcoholics often have a bizarre sense of entitlement. They reason that having such a difficult/stressful/demanding life entitles them to act in ways that are immature, irresponsible, and selfish. To observe their behavior is to conclude a belief that the world must owe them something. The active alcoholic wallows in self-pity and concludes that they are a victim of life. As they demand more from the world they expect less and less from themselves. Master Manipulators

    Alcoholics are master manipulators. They may not have been con artists before they started drinking but they come to have remarkable skills. They are the folks who can sell ice to Eskimos. They will pick a fight with you because they want to leave and they will have you believing it’s your fault. They show little or no accountability. They may have had integrity before their addiction kicked in but it will be conspicuously absent from their lives as they spiral. There is often one exception to this rule for each alcoholic – one thing they do especially well and it will most generally be their sole source of self esteem. We have known a large number of alcoholics who have incredible work ethics because being a good worker is the one thing they know they’re good at…well, they will say that and drinking.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your views, Guyke!

  3. So after years of me supporting you... Looking at every post you posted... making sure to like everything you do... And now as I embark on a new life in SL me asking you to do me the same favour is too much to ask? I was there for you when you were down... when you were on anti depressants... Never ever judging you! Where were all those so called friends at the time?

    1. Thank you so much for again taking the time to share your thoughts on this, Guyke!

      I wish you a happy in advance, may you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    2. I meant to wish you a happy rezday today, guess I got a bit too eager ;)