Saturday, May 30, 2015

An End

I usually believe strongly in the power of forgiveness and that a healing process can occur over time.

However, on rare occasions things are said or done that are utterly unforgivable and cannot be taken back or forgotten, no matter how much any of the parties concerned may wish it. When that happens it is final.

You can only tidy up the threads, sear the wounds shut and move on with your separate lives.


  1. Bock, what happened? I was looking for you online last night but you never appeared. And Tom was very quiet. If someone hurt you then please tell me. This post is very dark and I'm concerned. And if someone in SL ever hurts you, you tell Tom and you tell me. No one hurts you. Not while I'm around.

    1. Not to worry, bro, Tomais and I are both doing fine, as always! Just some unnecessary drama and hurtful innuendo from a source that is no longer a part of my life!

  2. hang in there here is a hug to help (((Bock)))

  3. Don't let the bastards get to you Bock. My mother, who always gives good advice, once told me this about people who stay hurtful and hateful things to others -- look at the ulterior motives they have for making these comments. Once you understand why someone is saying such nasty things you can usually just brush it off -- it is more about you and not them.


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